• I attended Lumiere clinic for lip fillers for both my upper and lower lips. Lisa was very informative about the procedure and reassured me about the treatment.

    My lips are great, and I was very pleased with the whole experience.

    Bangor, NI
  • I visited Lumiere clinic to discuss facial aesthetics with Dr Light as I was not certain about the procedure. Lisa was very professional and spent time discussing what would be best for me.

    I was completely assured by her and went ahead immediately with treatment for the lines on my forehead. A very quick and painless procedure!

    I was very pleased with results and have attended the clinic again for the same treatment.

  • I frown a lot in my job because of the detailed intricate work that I do so my vertical frown lines were getting deeper and deeper but I still wanted to be able to show my emotions through my face. We had a chat and Lisa was able to remove the deep furrows with Azzalure, smooth out my forehead and decrease the laughter lines around my eyes while still allowing me to raise an eyebrow when needed.

    Viki, 46
    Sales Manager