Anxiety Support

You’re in safe hands

Dr Lisa Light has over 20 years’ experience of helping her patients and clients deal with dental anxiety.

So she will be able to discuss a range of options with you. These may range from proceeding at a nice relaxed pace, so that you are entirely comfortable at each stage of the treatment; to discussing the types of sedation that are available to you.

Lisa’s primary aim is to make you feel safe in her hands, allowing her to undertake the best possible treatment for you. So why not take the first step in dealing with any anxiety and call us today on 028 9146 5625

Needle anxiety or phobia can be a major stumbling block for many people. It is no respecter of age or background. It prevents otherwise rational people from taking care of their dental health and cosmetic appearance if they choose facial fillers. Intellectually, you may acknowledge that your anxiety regarding treatment is irrational, but emotionally you may be unable to do anything about it. That is where our compassionate and supportive approach can help.

Talk to us

The first step is simply to talk to us. When you telephone to make an appointment, let our receptionist know that you are anxious. That way, we can chat to you about the various options that are available to you to help you manage your anxiety. Believe us when we say that there is nothing to feel embarrassed about in asking for help – we see it as a core part of our service to assist our clients in dealing with and overcoming this traumatic issue.



Talk to us. Let our receptionist know that you are anxious! Contact us today to find out more.